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Georges Moustaki left on May 23, 2013 but he is still very present and his audience is calling for him.

We decided to revisit his repertoire and offer a new journey through his texts and compositions. We had to make a choice as the subject matter is so vast. He  there are essential songs and others that are favorites ...

The show is much more than a concert of covers of songs by Georges Moustaki.


Through these, the public and the musicians will experience the artist's career since his birth and his adolescence in Alexandria, his rise in Paris, his stay in Brussels,  in Saint Germain des Prés, the meeting of Brassens, Piaf, Barbara, May 68, and the arrival of success with "Le métèque".


Then it will be Moustaki, a citizen of the world, from Europe to Japan, and all of Latin America and particularly Brazil. La Música Popular Brasileira with the bossa and Carlos Jobim, João Gilberto, Baden Powell, Vinícius de Moraes… And then his favorites - Bahia - and his friends - Jorge Amado and Zelia.


It will also be the committed Moustaki, in love with freedom and defender of democracy when Spain is still under Franco, Greece led by the colonels… the Moustaki of the permanent revolution. The friend of Mikis Theodorakis, Paco Ibanez, Astor Piazolla…

Testimonials, anecdotes, extracts from biographies, press articles between the songs, all in a lively rhythm so that the songs do not take long to wait.

The musicians of the show: Ariane De Bièvre : flute and percussions - Patrick De Schuyter : guitars - Barry Mc Neese : bass - Bernard Degavre : vocals and guitar.

Press extracts:

Le Soir :


"Singer and guitarist Bernard Degavre pays tribute to Georges Moustaki who died five years ago. Through his songs, it is the artist's career that traces the show that has already been given successfully in Paris."  Le MAD, Le Soir newspaper of September 19, 2018.  

Nos Enchanteurs :


An article by Michel Trihoreau in the magazine " Nos enchanteurs" entitled "BRASSENS 100, VAISON 25" following the Festival Brassens 2021 where we performed on October 16, 2021: read HERE

including the following paragraph:  

The discovery, for me, comes from Belgium: Bernard Degavre, surrounded by Ariane De Bièvre, Patrick De Schuyter, former musicians of Julos Beaucarne and bassist Barry McNeese. An invigorating guitar playing, a silky voice, a smiling look that gives him the air of dreaming but above all an unexpected energy, revealing both in the Brazilian rhythms and in the ballads of Moustaki a new punch, a vigor which remained lurking, can -to be drowsy, in the services of their author.

Le Dauphiné Libéré

(...) the arrival of Bernard Degavre for all those who were impatient to savor the repertoire of Georges Moustaki. Between each interpretation, Bernard Degavre revisited the biography of the singer whom all admirers knew well as being a great traveler, a man of great sensitivity, having had a life rich in friendships and loves. MG Le Dauphiné Libéré – October 18, 2021

A few comments :

"Very nice evening. Not only a personal interpretation of Moustaki's songs but also an interesting approach that highlights the links between songs, his life and also his commitment. Thank you!" CH

Discovery of the Bernard Degavre festival and his musicians, on a repertoire by Georges Moustaki, an excellent moment for all festival-goers!


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For more information on Georges Moustaki:

Official website of Georges Moustaki (the most complete site on Georges Moustaki kept up to date by one of his

acquaintances in the Netherlands) - recently an article about our concerts has been added:


Fred Hidalgo's blog

Georges Moustaki, key dates

May 3, 1934: Born in Alexandria.

1951: Arrival in Paris. Occurs in cabarets.

1958: Milord, written for Edith Piaf.

1966: Starts writing for Serge Reggiani. Sarah, Votre fille a vingt ans, Ma Liberté, Madame Nostalgie…

1968: writes La Dame brune, which he performs in duet with Barbara.

1969: Huge success of Métèque and its first album, Grand Prize of the Charles-Cros Academy.

1974: Les Amis de Georges, his tribute to Brassens.

2005: Release of Vagabond, the nineteenth and final creative album.

January 2009: in Barcelona, last concert.

May 23, 2013: Death in Nice.

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