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Patrick De Schuyter

The musical path of Patrick De Schuyter is at least eclectic:


After being stimulated from an early age by his older brothers, he meets the American guitarist Stefan Grossman specialized in fingerpicking. It was a revelation for Patrick because this way of playing the guitar has never left it. Stefan Grossman invited him to London several times and offered to accompany him on tour in England.

This is how Patrick will meet many Finger picking guitarists: John James, John Renbourn, Duck Baker, Leo Wijnkamp, ​​Peter Finger, etc.

He then began studying classical guitar with Michel Burton and joined the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels in 1983.

Patrick will receive a first prize in guitar in 1986, a first chamber music prize in 1988 and a higher diploma of guitar in 1990 (class of Nicolas Alfonso). Laureate of the Ménuhin Foundation, he has performed in various ensembles, as a trio with the Torres trio, as a duo and as a soloist, notably with the Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia.


Since then, his musical career has diversified: Julos Beaucarne's accompanist since 1993, he has followed him on tour in Belgium, France, Switzerland and Quebec and recorded with him many albums including a guitar instrumental: "10 doigts , 6 cordes ". Patrick also made the arrangements and composed some music from the last 2 CDs of the Belgian poet.

Versatile guitarist and improviser, he has also participated in many musical improvisation matches in Brussels (Forest-National), Paris (Bataclan), Montreal and Quebec City. He was part of the Soledad band from 1999 to 2014 (tours in Europe, USA, Asia, Colombia and Canada) with which he recorded 5 albums.


Currently, he performs solo and in other formations: With the group "Patolie's" (Blues and compositions), "About Neil" (Tribute to Neil Young), "Homeland Band" (Folk-rock), with Mike Wahlman (The voice), with Rémy Oriane and Christophe Liégeois (French song) and duets with Geneviève Dartevelle (Harmonica, didgeridoo and hurdy-gurdy).



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