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Bernard Degavre

Bernard Degavre

Belgian author, composer, performer, Bernard Degavre began his journey in songs in youth centers and universities.

After his meeting with guitarist Pierre Van Dormael (who died in 2008) who introduced him to bassist Barry McNeese and drummer Philippe Mobers (with whom he still works), as well as keyboardist Philippe Decock (whom he found for his new album “Au fil de l'eau”), he released his first single with Vogue Belgium with these same musicians, at the beginning of the 80s. There followed a media exposure on the main Belgian media and a series of concerts including Le Botanique in 1987.  

He continued his way through the country's café-theaters circuit and was recognized by the French Community in 2005. Since then, concerts have accumulated.

In addition to his own songs, he also toured with two other cover shows including a show around Georges Moustaki which met with great success throughout Belgium, in France and was also presented in Germany (accompanied by Ariane De Bièvre - flute and percussion , Patrick De Schuyter - guitars and Barry McNeese - bass).

In addition to a live album of Moustaki concerts, he has released to date 2 singles and 4 albums of original songs, the latest of which “Au fil de l'eau” brings together a series of songs of his composition which had never been recorded at this time. day.


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